News: Zootopia 2 Release Date

Hello everyone!

From a “Q1 Earnings Call” with Disney CEO Bob Iger and CFO Hugh Johnston, we now have a tentative release date for our long awaited sequel!


November 26, 2025

Is it possible, we the fans, can influence a change?
I think yes!

Perhaps we can help give the animators and our corporate overlords both inspiration and incentive to move that date up.

If you have Disney Plus, consider giving our original masterpiece and miniseries another watch to show your enthusiasm for what’s to come next!


  1. I love Zootopia! I want to see the full movie sequel when I go to the theatres! I won’t miss it!

  2. So… will the sequel acknowledge the elephant in the room?

    And I don’t mean Francine this time.

  3. Of the Disney films coming out in the next two years, Zootopia 2 and Avatar 3 are the only ones I really care about at this point. I will say that if they don’t make Nick and Judy a romantic couple, I will be VERY DISAPPOINTED. And it should be done in a way that feels like an actual relationship with good build up from what was started in the first.

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