Zinktober’s Back With A Vengance, 2023 Edition!

Hey all! The scorching summer temperatures are starting to die down, the leaves are changing colour, and all the businesses out there are once again pedaling the seasonal obsession with pumpkin spice for all it’s worth. What does that mean for ZNN? Well, it’s time for yet another round of the annual ZNN drawing challenge, Zinktober! As per our annual tradition, we’ll be putting our own Zootopia themed spin on the Inktober challenge with our own ZNN-approved list of prompts! We challenge you to do your best to take these prompts and draw up some Zootopia art goodness to share with the fandom.

And don’t worry too much if you don’t have the time to take on every single prompt, this challenge is open to every aspiring artist out there. Late to the challenge? Maybe you just don’t like some of the prompts and want to give them a pass? Not a problem, as long as the art you post is tagged with #Zinktober or #Zinktober2023, it’ll still suit us just fine! We’ll have our eyes open for any art featuring these tags and come November, we’ll be making posts to show every single one of them off. As always, pro or beginner, it doesn’t matter. If you tag it and it’s related to Zootopia, then go ahead and show us what you’ve got!

It’s always a blast to see what ideas you all come up with each year. As per usual, entries start from October 1st and go through all the way to the end of the month. And don’t worry about whether or not the prompt you submit matches the date, just make sure to tag it and it’s all good for us! Now hurry up and get to drawing, we want to see what the artists of this fandom can do!


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