Art of the Day #622

Cubism Nick by @SugokuShiitake
Source [1]

Hello again, Zootopia aficionados, and welcome to ZNN’s latest Art of the Day Collection.

We always like it when a Zootopia fan-artist gets a little avant-garde with it….and today’s Featured Image is just such a piece; Nick Wilde gone Cubist.  We especially like the color-pattern; our favorite fox alternately standing out from ,and blending in with the background coloration.

And for those of you that prefer your fanart in a more traditional vein, no worries, we’ve got you covered down below. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Cubism Nick 2 by @SugokuShiitake
Source [2]

Judy by @8sakana2
Source [3]

Close-Up by @Tx8Ahg
Source [4]

Awesome Mix by @hoshiimo_sukiii
Source [5]

Hey THere by @yokokura_hook
Source [6]

Judy Hopps by KCVulpineStudios
Source [7]

Records Archive by @nana_coco77
Source [8]

Nick Sketches by @Secoh2000
Source [9]

just a dream… by @aaronjay_askal
Source [10]

Nick and Judy by SkylerGC
Source [11]

I’ve Been Thinking by @zoonckl
Source [12]

Wildehopps Calendar March 2023 by Koraru-san
Source [13]

Judy & Nick by NoSoyStuworLoJuro
Source [14]

City Lights by @SugokuShiitake
Source [15]

Can’t spell judgy without judy by @Ribbontini
Source [16]

Good morning sunshine, have a great out there today! by @QalcoveArt
Source [17]

Arcane Zootopia by WhiteFangKakashi300
Source [18]

Mr Bigs by Wazaga
Source [19]

Larry The Naked Striped Tiger by CybermasterBosco16
Source [20]

You and Me by @kemokemono04
Source [21]

Get My Good Side by @kemokemono04
Source [22]

Nick and Judy by QwQannie
Source [23


  1. Records Archive by @nana_coco77 is going to be my new wallpaper for all my devices.

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