Jared Bush Answers Zootopia Questions at Encanto Q&A



Hey all! Remember that Q&A Jared Bush said he was going to do on Encanto, Zootopia, and Moana? Well, the Q&A has come and gone and while it looks like he didn’t have too much to say about Zootopia (the Q&A was dedicated to Encanto, after all), he still had some nice little tidbits to offer such as the fact there will be many new animals as well as other things they would like to do with the sequel if possible.

Be sure to check out the link below or over on Twitter for the full Q&A. Don’t go in expecting an extensive preview of what to expect from the sequel or anything, but if you’re just looking for a few nice little tidbits on some of the things to be expected in Zootopia 2, then give it a look.