Video/Editorial: Zootopia 2 Predictions We LOVE and HATE (By WickedBinge)


Theory crafting is something we’re all guilty of at one point or another. Questions like whether or not some old movie will ever get a sequel or what will be done differently in a sequel. Those are the questions that have plagued many a fandom. For some franchises, the answers to these questions are more obvious. After all, it’s the popular movies that make all the money that are most likely to get sequels.

The question of whether or not Zootopia would be getting a full sequel was pretty touch and go for a while, but now that we’ve finally gotten an answer to that question, it’s time to start speculating on what will be in Zootopia 2! Luckily, Wickedbinge has released a video on this exact topic, taking at look some of the most popular theories about what issues and topics might be addressed in the sequel. Topics like what happened to Mayor Lionheart or what it’s like outside of the city of Zootopia. There’s certainly a lot of speculation to be had and questions to be answered, so might as well check out the video below or over on YouTube. And be sure to let us know which predictions you think are most likely to come true while you’re at it!


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