Art/Animation: Finnick Breakdancing (By AaronJay)


Yo dudes and dudettes. Get that boombox banging with your favorite tunes because it’s time to jam now that Aaronjay has gone and put together a back alley street scene that is straight-up rad!

Expecting some mischief? Perhaps a clash between the law and some grafiti artists looking to stick it to the man? Well, nothing quite like that. But how does watching some of our favorite foxes jamming and tearing up the street with their sick moves sound to you? Heck, with those sick beats, it’s almost enough to make you want to jump in right along with Finnick and Nick as they tear it off. Actual dancing skills not even required! So take a chill pill, relax, and prepare to marvel as some of our favorite foxes bust a move.

Check it out in the link below or over on Twitter and let us know what you think, yo!