Music/Cover: Evergreen, Original Music by Declan Flannery


Declan Flannery is back to tickle the ivories with an original piece of music dedicated to the Zootopia fanfic “Evergreen” by Aninat131!

It’s a beautiful example of WildeHopps inspired music and if you’ve ever wondered what kind of song might be cinematically playing in the background of a tender moment between Nick and Judy, then feast your ears on this!

Also, be sure to check out Aninat131’s lovely fanfic that inspired Mr. Flannery to create it for us.

ZNN Article: Evergreen



  1. Thank you so much again for featuring my work. I continue to be very honoured! Also yeah I can’t encourage anyone who hasn’t already read ‘Evergreen’ enough to check it out. Ani has done an amazing job with the story!

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