Comic: This Christmas (By: Koraru-san)


  Hey again, everyone. Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays to the best of your abilities. I understand that can be difficult at times due to the pandemic, but if anything, it’s more important than ever this holiday season to remember the importance of hope. Koraru-san certainly seems to think that’s an important message to get across in their latest comic, This Christmas.

On Christmas Day, the WildeHopps house find themselves stuck at home and unable to meet up with the rest of the family, but that won’t stop them from doing their best to make the most of the situation for themselves and their children. It’s an inspirational message that I know a lot of us can really use right now. Just keep holding on to hope, we’re all in this together and the end is in sight.

Check out both parts of the comic down below and over on Twitter. And if you’re feeling down, I hope this gives you the boost you need.