Oh Snap! A New Animated Zootopia Blooper!

Life can often leave us feeling sore, but that’s why we have some real head-turners to help us get through it like Zootopia. It came out of nowhere at a break-neck pace and it’s been the gift that keeps on giving ever since! Just when you think you’ve seen everything it has to offer, there’s always another tidbit just ready to grab our attention by the throat, such as this blooper from the Carrots Day festival that I imagine the Zootopia animators had quite a lot of fun snapping together.

Gideon was a real pain in the neck for Judy back then, but in this blooper, he really takes it to the next level. You thought him giving Judy a shove and a scratch was bad? Then you haven’t seen anything yet! This version will make your head spin!

Check out the blooper for yourself down below or over on Minor Jose Gaytan’s Twitter!

Note: No bunny necks were harmed in the making of this blooper.



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