Comic Dub: The Yawn (By: MickelPickelVoiceActs)


If there’s one thing we should take away about bunnies in Zootopia, it’s that you probably shouldn’t use the c-word around them. And you especially don’t want to use it around a bunny like Judy. I mean, come on, she knocked out a freaking rhino, I certainly wouldn’t want to take that chance.

That being said, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves (seriously Judy, yawning like that just isn’t fair!). Luckily for Nick, he’s always been a sharp one, and he certainly knows how to use that charm and wit of his to turn things around, such as in Samur Shalem’s The Yawn.

Check out the MickelPickelVoiceActs dub yourself and see just how cute adorable Nick and a yawning Judy can be!