Here’s the BTS/Zootopia Crossover Content You’ve Been Craving


For those of you who have been waiting (patiently or otherwise) for the day a member of K-pop boyband BTS tried his hand at voicing a character from Zootopia, wait no more.

The 109th episode of BTS’ series Run BTS! featured the boys attempting some voiceovers for a variety of popular films, among them Zootopia, with multiple members of the group tackling different characters during the infamous DMV scene when Judy Hopps attempts to run a license plate.

Jimin’s performance as Judy was singled out in particular — so much so, in fact, that Zootopia co-director and writer Jared Bush gave him a shoutout on Twitter.

Look, if Zootopia 2 needs another popstar in addition to Gazelle for a cameo, I think we’ve got a frontrunner — whether it’s the Korean dub or, heck, maybe even all versions, given BTS’ worldwide popularity.

For those interested, here’s the full video that features BTS dubbing other films as well.

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