Carrots & Blueberry Pizza?! It’s More Likely Than You Think


Pizza, one of the great go-to staples for so many of us. And why wouldn’t it be? Everybody loves a good slice of pizza. It’s cheap, delicious, and with such a wide range of toppings you can choose from, there’s a type of pizza out there for just about everyone.

And now it looks like there are some new toppings just perfect for the fandom, thanks to some Zootopia inspired cooking from Tumblr user sjf-penguin.

In honor of Nick and Judy (and the food they’ve become so strongly associated with), sjf-penguin decided to try their hand at making not one, but two types of pizza — one with carrots, and another with blueberries!

Which do you think looks better? Does a carrot pizza sound like just what you need? Or maybe you need some more blueberries in your life? Heck, why not both?





  1. I have a pizza place here that does blueberry and spinach pizza as a regular thing on the menu. I hear it taste horrible but the point is it exist and it’s being advertised.
    I’m just surprised that a lot (if any) fanfic writers don’t think of these things. I have yet to hear one writer use coconut milk for an explanation for ice-cream and cheese.

  2. Blueberries…NO. Carrots…maybe, but I’m not one for carrots overall anyway so I’d pass. There are some things that belong on pizza, and some things that do not.
    Blueberries on a dessert pizza though, maybe. It is a pie after all.

    • That’s what I was thinking! A nice blueberry puree spread over a dessert crust, sprinkled with cobbler crisp, and finished with a light (or heavy, I won’t judge) drizzle of icing, I’d totally eat it.

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