Art of the Day #383: Halloween Week, Day 1 – Costume Party

Trick or Treat! by @atlantica0208
Source [1]

Hello Zootopia Aficionados — and welcome to Day 1 of our Halloween Week Collection

Yes, that’s right, Halloween Week…We scared up so many pics for this year’s Halloween Art of the Day, we decided to present them in in four separate collections, each with its own theme.

Today’s topic is….Halloween Costumes, so let’s get right to it; we’ve got scads of great images of the Zootopia gang, showing of their Halloween duds

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We open with some images of Nick and Judy, making their costume selections for an upcoming Halloween blow-out.  (As usual, she has him figured out cold.)

Halloween Party1 by weketa
Source [2]

Halloween Party 2 by weketa
Source [3]

Little Judy goes trick-or-treating

Judy Trick or Treating by Saine
Source [4]

And there,’s little Nick, together with his mom.  ( Gotta love that choice of costume.)

Nick or Treat by Nemonutkin
Source [5]

The three most dreaded words for any kid about to go trick or treating.  “Take your brother.”  (or sister.)

DragonHopps Halloween by @QalcoveArt
Source [6]

Nick Wilde shows off a couple of Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween one by akee
Source [7]

Nick Spubbed by @zoonckl
Source [8]

And now it’s Judy’s turn  (Her choices tend to be a bit more, shall we say, earthy than his.)

Hallohopps by PvtScott
Source [9]

Moving right along, a series of pics featuring Nick and Judy together in costume.

Halloween Icons by @ydk_disney
Source [10]

Cheer up Nick, it could be worse.

Halloween is almost upon us by charliebarkinq
Source [11]

See, what’d we tell you?  That’s WAY worse.

Zootopia Halloween (by samandfuzzy) by samandfuzzy
Source [12]

Nick and Judy in costume as Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope

Happy Howl-oween by qalcove
Source [13]

You’re gonna need a bigger fox.

Nick as Quint and Judy as the shark. 😀 by hykez87
Source [14]

How’d they ever managed talk Finnick into this, we have no idea.

Merry Sookmas 2017 by HyenaTig
Source [15]

Inktober, 2019 by @nin0318
Source [16]

Now, let’s let some of the other Zootopia crew-members in on the fun, (although a few of them might not see it quite that way.)

“Pull the lever, Bogo….”

Costume Tryouts by Knoton13
Source [17]

Costume Tryouts #2 by Knoton13
Source [18]

Costume Tryouts #3 by Knoton13
Source [19]

My favorite pic of the Halloween Costume collection; Benjamin Clawhauser was BORN to wear this outfit!

— Halloween 2017 — by Pokelai
Source [20]

Fru-Fru was always a vamp at heart.  (Notice the fake scars, a nice touch.)

Marilyn Minkroe Fru Fru (Halloween) by Jusu-Tengu
Source [21]

Here’s a couple of Gazelle pics

Inktober, Day 13 – Gazelle Chllin’ by jabberwockychamber
Source [22]

Inktober, Day 14 – Dia de la Gazelle by jabberwockychamber
Source [23]

And finally…once more we find Nick and Judy getting ready for a costume shindig…and this time NOTHING can go wrong.

Halloween Costume Reversal Mammal Friends 1 by Weischede
Source [24]

Halloween Costume Reversal Mammal Friends 2 by Weischede
Source [25]

Well-l-l-ll, almost nothing…

Bonus Pic
Costume Tryouts #6 by Knoton13

Costume Tryouts #6 by Knoton 13
Source [26]

Next up, The Creatures of the Night