Art of the Day #371: Hold the Phone!

Zootopia 7 by kumito93
Source [1]

Of all the props to appear in Zootopia, none were more ubiquitous – or more essential to the story – than cellphones.

We got our first inkling of Zootopia by way of a cell-phone, an Easter Egg in Big Hero 6 (see below), cellphones also figured in the first two teaser trailers for the movie:  (#1)  (#2)  The most well-known promo poster for Zootopia also included a cellphone.

Cell-phones also had their place in some of the film’s most important plot points; after Judy’s (horrible) first day on the job, she gets a call from her folks on her cell.  In a later scene, they call her back–at the worst possible moment! (while she and Nick are investigating the doings at Cliffside Sanitarium.)  That little miscue nearly gets the two of them captured…but not before Judy uses her cell to record Mayor Lionheart berating Dr. Honeybadger for failing to discover why, “I have a dozen-and-a-half animals who’ve gone off-the-rails crazy.”  That secret cell-cam footage soon leads to Hizzoner’s downfall–and the improbable rise of Dawn Bellwether. 

Then, of course, there was the scene where Judy tried to call dispatch in the midst of being pursued by a savage Mr. Manchas…and got no immediate response;Clawhauser was too busy showing off a new cell-phone app to notice.  (He later caught Chief Bogo playing with that app in his office.)  And speaking of the Chief, let’s not forget the first time he attempted to fire Judy…only to be foiled by a cellphone text from Dawn Bellwether to Mayor Lionheart.

And so, this week we present a collection of Zootopia fanart dedicated to that single most beloved (and sometimes despised) of all fursonal accessories, the cellphone.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Here is the Easter Egg mentioned above, our first hint at the coming of Zootopia; Honey Lemon’s cell-phone case from the Big Hero 6 movie.  (Note the necktie on the fox-figure.)

Cellphone case. by @disneysbighero6
Source [2]

A concept art piece from the ‘shock-collar’ version of Zootopia; Judy working a ZPD call center.

Call Center Judy by @ByronPHoward
Source [3]

We continue with some pics of Judy and her cell-phone.

Here she is, relaxing with her phone while on parking duty.

coffee_break by Miles-DF
Source [4]

…and while off duty.

hangin’ on her cell by @Holivi1
Source [5]

But whether or not Judy’s working she always travels prepared.

cellgun by tggeko
Source [6]

Judging by the look on her face, I’d say it’s not good news.

Parental Advisory by ziegelzeig
Source [7]

Next up, a few images of Nick, doing the cellphone shuffle.

Don’t we all know someone like this…that one friend whose text messages about as easy to understand as hieroglyphics?

Nick texts by monoflax
Source [8]

Nick Wilde Playing Smartphone by RDustyBonnie by RJGimps
Source [9]

Nick Wilde 2 by arcroto
Source [10]

Just a fun, little crossover pic.

Rocktopia by lowergold
Source [11]

Now, some images of Nick and Judy together, accompanied by a cell-phone, (or two.)

A little role-reversal on that promo-poster mentioned in the introduction.

Turnabout is Fair Play by togin
Source [12]

This is just cute.

cellphone conversation 01 by @dogear218
Source [13]

Cellphones and Pawpsicles by @weketa
Source [14]

Needy, isn’t he?

C’mere… by yitexity by yitexity
Source [15]

(Zootopia) Judy, and Nick texting by Bookbeans by Bookbeans
Source [16]

You need to be careful, using a cellphone in the Rainforest District.

Rainforest Nick and Judy by King Ghidorah
Source [17]

Nick and Judy Zootopia1 by EJLightning007arts
Source [18]

Put away the phone Nick; you’ve got more important issues right now.

Nuzzlephone by secret-soup
Source [19]

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an image of Nick, wearing both a tame-collar and a police uniform.

Shock Collar Cellphones by @calicopikachu
Source [20]

And of course, where would cel-phone be without selfie-pics?  (We did a gallery dedicated to selfies last year.)

Selfie Nick by @judy_zpd_hopps
Source [21]

I-I-I think we all know where this is headed…

Belle Notte in Zootopia by Kendall Collins
Source [22]

Practically everybody in Zootopia has a cellphone.

Mayor Lionheart has one…

Major Lionhearth checking his popularity status by pitiyindee
Source [23]

So does his stooge…I-I mean Assistant Mayor, Dawn Bellwether.

Contacting Lionheart by DisneyCow82
Source [24]

…and of course, Chief Bogo has one.

Buffalo Selfie Time by JAZcabungcal
Source [25]

Awww, we knew Benjamin Clawhauser has one from the movie.

Snack and phone by the-fire-prince
Source [26]

Clawhausers by SharpDressedReptile
Source [27]

Though we’re nor quite certain the Chief approves.  I wonder WHO Benjamin is texting right now?

over the shoulder by コトブキ
Source [28]

Ah, but of course, Gazelle.

Sweetie by Juindalo
Source [29]

Her tigers are also not unfamiliar with cell-phone usage

Let Me Take A Selfie!! by Dook
Source [30]

…as is Finnick…

Finnick Tawks by cloudyshin
Source [31]

…and Mr. Big’s chief enforcer, Koslov.

Koslov selfie by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [32]

Heck, even the characters who didn’t appear in movie have cell-phones.  Kii Catano, for example.

Kii cell by @Spartan8ter
Source [33]

And of course, Jack Savage and Skye. (that’s her thumb in the lower-left corner.)

Fire – Commission for Johnsoneer by ittybittykittytittys
Source [34]

And finally…a pic of Zoototopia co-director Byron Howard, ‘autographing’ a cell-phone for a fan.

BHoward Phoneart by @ByronPHoward
Source [35]

Until next time, we leave you with this musical thought…

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  1. Big Hero 6 came out in 2014 and Zootopia came out in 2016. So that wasn’t a Easter egg. And it’s way too specific, as it would be weird to have a fox phone case in zootopia, to be a reused asset. I think it was ment to be a teaser, a hint of what they were working on.

    Sorry I am a person who loves animation and loves to show it!

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