Story: Out of Ashes

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By: Joseph WildeHopps

Out of Ashes begins with an intriguing question: what if someone with an actual monster living inside of them was to be transported suddenly to the world of Zootopia — and that monster comes with? Out of Ashes may not be for the squeamish due to its depiction of violence and gore, but don’t let that deter you otherwise; it’s a well-written, engrossing story that follows Joseph’s sudden entrance into Zootopia and the pair who takes the fox under their wing — enter Judy and Nick, strong chemistry as ever. Rated M for violence and language. ~YFWE

Description: Nick and Judy have had some crazy adventures as cops in Zootopia, but when a young fox claiming to be from another world — a human world — arrives in the city, things begin to get stranger than they could have imagined. Will their lives and their world fall to ruin… or will they learn that beauty truly can come out of ashes?

Out of Ashes

Additional tags: in a fandom chock full of OCs, Joseph’s one of the better ones in fanfiction, for reals