Story: 618 Baobab Boulevard

Art by Alliizoo

[Rating K9][Crime][Drama][One-shot]

A concise police procedural that follows our intrepid duo as they thwart the work of a covert financial fraudster in Zootopia and try to bring him to justice in the court of law. The characterizations are on point, the police work is as realistic as it gets, and when a minor legal hiccup crops up in the trial, making it seem like the investigation was all for naught, the ensuing hustle is classic Nick-and-Judy action. Certainly feels like something we’d see in a Zootopia sequel or TV series. ~DrummerMax64

Author: George James Valtom

Description :
There’s been a string of financial fraud in Zootopia, putting dozens of families into terrible debt. Officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps may just be on the verge of pinning down the mastermind though.

618 Baobab Boulevard
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