Story: Guardian Blue: Sheepless in New Reynard



By: Alps_Sarsis

In this spinoff from the third chapter of Guardian Blue, we get to see Sarsis expertly craft and build upon Sharla and her family. Creating an in-depth backstory that also moves the main plot of season 3 along (building upon a plotline established in an earlier part of the series), it truly feels that anything this writer touches turns to pure gold. ~GorganCM

Description: Sharla was awfully unkind to Vivienne Wilde, but the fox still chose to help her. Why would she ever do that? The sheep will find out that the intent was not to provide an easy road to the answers she needed. The anger of a mother fox is a terrible thing indeed. What waits for Sharla may help her, or actually kill her. Viv was right about one thing, though. This crazy badger might be the only one who can help the desperate, terrified ewe. | Archive of Our Own

Additional tags: You’ve been got, Sharla