Zootopia Comic Dub: Negotiation (by theblueberrycarrots)

Comedy was designed to be short, sharp, and surprising. It turns on, well, turns, quick skewering of expectation or rapid hits of absurdity. Not that long-form gags are impossible. But as The Bard said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Smart comedy needs snappy delivery and we get it here in this dub, featuring some very familiar voices. MickelPickelVoiceActs and Cas VoiceActs guest in this creation made from a comic by TheBlueberryCarrots.

Tension! Danger! A nervous negotiation between the ZPD and two thugs. Officer Nick Wilde is on the scene, taking point as the negotiator. His call for terms is answered by… Carl the Pugapegacorn. Perhaps an obtuse reference. Just imagine a guy from New York named Tony D and you’ve got the accent the lynx is sporting. And his demands are so… breathtakingly optimistic his fellow crook, a raccoon, is rightly flabbergasted. Nick, of course, is a slick-talking, silver-tongued devil, so cool butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He knows the way of the bargain. But perhaps palaver and the haggler’s touch doesn’t translate well to the public sector. His relation of the events to Judy says it all.

Wonderful art, snappy writing and excellent voice work mark this one. Give it a watch and have a quick, enjoyable laugh.

~Gabriel LaVedier