Art of the Day #337

Savannah Streets by jaskenator7000
Source [1]

Many are the pieces of Zootopia fanart that get Nick, Judy, and the rest of the gang right… but much fewer and further between are the drawings that do justice to the city itself.

Today’s featured image is just such a pic; it’s so spot on, it could almost be concept art created for the sequel. (Are you listening, Mr. Iger?)

It’s all here — the zebra stripes on the crosswalk, the buildings painted in earth tones, the differently sized windows on the ones behind Nick, the organic skyscraper in the background, and the traffic light poles with vine curlicues on the end (an especially nice touch).

But that’s not the only great piece of fanart in this week’s random collection. Check out the images of Nick and Judy taking ride on a zipline, and the new cartoon pics of Nick, Judy, Benjamin Clawhauser, and Mayor Lionheart.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show these and the other artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Summer Adventure by kansenatsume
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The best nap by Darla Morgan
Source [3]

Not bad Mayor Lionheart…but I still think Bugs Bunny did it better.

Source [4]

Snack and phone by the-fire-prince
Source [5]

Mayor Lionheart by the-fire-prince
Source [6]

One jumbo pop coming up by the-fire-prince
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Cute bunny by the-fire-prince
Source [8]

Gazelle kiss Daniel Tiger by JMantheAngel
Source [9]

Sleepy Nicky by link6532
Source [10]

Police Time by aar0njay
Source [11]

Neon by judyhopps44
Source [12]

Nick And Judy Relaxing by techecoyote98
Source [13]

Fall of the Fur-st Order by rockhoppr
Source [14]

Judy Chibi by gimiko
Source [15]

Judy Sketches by Viejillox64Art
Source [16]

Thank you by @miso_zoo
Source [17]

Unknown by @uochandayo
Source [18]

Carrot Attack! by aspenleaf24
Source [19]

Bunny GLOMP!!! by knoton13t
Source [20]

Spring by @atlantica0208
Source [21]

Walking a Lonely Road by Disneycow 82
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