Story: Do No Harm

Source: ubermunchkin


By: Ubermunchkin

There’s a strange beauty in the writing of Do No Harm that’s difficult to describe. Despite handling lofty issues such as modern war and its many nuances, there’s a delicacy with which it’s written that examines the mammal condition in a way that’s oftentimes unprecedented in fanfiction: the admission that life is messy, that the concept of good vs. bad isn’t always black and white, that there can be multitudes in any being. Do No Harm will make you think, but it’ll do so while providing an emotionally gripping and entertaining story in the process. Rated M-16 for potentially triggering depictions of war. ~YFWE

Description: Jeanine Bonnie Hopps MD joined Doctors Without Borders to make the world a better place. This is a philosophy she shared with her litter mate, Officer Judy Hopps, ZPD. She is sent on a relief mission with six other doctors and nurses to bring medical care to a remote village in Afghanistan, which was struck by disaster. What was meant to be a mission of mercy turns into a struggle for survival.

Do No Harm

Additional tags: judy hopps ain’t the only hopps who’s a total badass