Story: The Celestials

Art by Roahm Mythril

[Rating K9][Supernatural][Spiritual][Complete]

Soulbound: a connection between two fated individuals that are drawn inadvertently towards one another. While this description seems to be one that is fitting to our main heroes Nick and Judy, they are not the complete focus of this story. In fact, the main story takes place in the heavens, high up in the celestial realm where we are shown how Serendipity, the Celestial of Randomness and Chance, and Karma, the Celestial of Cycle and Retribution, influenced the mortal realm that led to the connection between Nick and Judy. VariableMammal’s intense storytelling, philosophical world-building, and unique character design is one that really shifts your perspective and introduces a new and interesting world that depicts how the actions of our main characters have had effects that reach beyond the scope of their own world. ~Calidian

Author: VariableMammal

Description :
A collection of ancient beings, forged form the Earth’s infancy. They’ve long been diminished in Zootopia’s past and fallen out of common belief. Join them as they observe a crucial event unfolding in Zootopia and what it may mean for these mystical beings.

The Celestials
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