Special Art of the Day #273: Coffee Break

Zootopia Fanart – Coffee by Byrpheros
Source [1]

If there’s one thing that the Zootopia universe shares with the real world, it’s that coffee is an equally important part of both cultures. And so today we present a collection of fanart featuring our friends in the Zootopia gang enjoying a cup or two.

We invite you to enjoy as well, and don’t forget to show the original artists some appreciation by clicking on the source links

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Reproduction of one of Byron Howard’s concept pieces; note the coffee stain in the lower-right corner.

Gumpaws by Thewyvern’sweaver
Source [2]


A slightly different take on the above scene.

zootopia by Coffee_LSB
Source [3]
Parking duty is such demanding work.

coffee_break by Miles-DF
Source [4]
Whether he’s on the job….

SnarlbucksNick01 by hiromatsu
Source [5]
…or off of it, Nick loves his blueberry latte

SnarlbucksNick02 by hiromatsu
Source [6]
Judy likes her coffee too.
(And I really like this pic; it’s got kind of an impressionist quality to it.)

coffee judy by -Lofi
Source [7]
Duty calls.

Afternoon Coffee by aka-shiro
Source [8]
Coffee and autumn.  Two great tastes that go great together.

Judy “Candy Corn” Hopps by birchly
Source [9]
As above…

Benchwarmer by sanjiseo
Source [10]
Nick and Judy haring coffee… and experiences together

warm_milk_by_catelman-da5zxh9 by caletman
Source [11]
When it’s cold outside, that’s when you really need your java.

Judy and coffee by AndrejSKalin
Source [12]
I mean, that’s when you really need it.

Warm Hearts in Tundratown by emiemi345t
Source [13]
Okay, I’m breaking a rule here.  Usually I try to avoid posting pics of fan characters if they don’t include any of the canon characters.  But this pic of a bovine barista was so clever that for one I’m making an exception.

tumblr_o6egkbwfKd1tm6ayso4_1280 by sendalight
Source [14]
And now, a collection of coffee-flavored fanart featuring some of the other Zootopia characters.
Judy enjoying a cup at Gideon Grey’s Pie Shoppe

TT Coffee break by Gerardson
Source [15]
Well, what are doughnuts without coffee?

When Your Hands Are Full by gamutfeathers
Source [16]
I don’t know about you, but the thought of this lil’ guy going into caffeine overload kinda scares me.

What You Lookin’ At? by sandwich-anomaly
Source [17]


U touch his coffee, I break u face.


ズートピアまとめ by お芋 by お芋
Source [18]
Judging by the look of things, I’d say this is a friendly, not a traffic stop

Nick and Finnick by 0leedueol0
Source [19]
Flash likes his coffee slow brewed

Flash, Flash hundred-yard dash. by MistyRainbowFleece
Source [20]
And of course, the Chief’s got to have his cuppa joe.

Chief Bogo by Behemoth_Valentine
Source [21]
Ahhh, the things a girl has to DO to enjoy her cappuccino without being mobbed by fans.

Incognito; Coffee by capt_hairball
Source [22]
Hizzoner needs his caffeine jolt, too.  ( I think he can do without the pawpsicle, tho.)

pawpsicles by defago
Source [23]
And so do the ZPD rank and file.

Police Tiger by Sprite_Pixelz
Source [24]
Until next time….

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  1. #11: I've used this one as my desktop wallpaper before.

    #4: Uh, there's multiple versions of this one. You probably shouldn't investigate the others. 🙂

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