Story: The Fire Triangle — Part One: Fuel

Art by Merc_Marten

[Rating T13][Mystery][Suspense][Incomplete]

Following an intensely gripping prologue, “Escape from Zoo York,” the Fire Triangle series kicks into gear with its first part, “Fuel.” Fan of the prologue? There’s no reason to indicate you won’t enjoy this tale — which includes canon characters this time alongside intriguing OCs — even more. Strap in for a long, winding story of suspense, mystery and action, as Judy and Nick work to stop a mysterious new force in the city of Zootopia that, once again, is bent on changing their lives as we know it. ~YFWE

Author: Merc_Marten

Description :
Two years after foiling the Bellwether plot, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are on the fast-track to the ZPD detective bureau and growing closer with every passing day. But even as their relationship deepens, an immensely powerful and ruthless figure is looming in the shadows, determined upon a hidden agenda—and equally determined to drive them apart by any means necessary.

The Fire Triangle — Part One: Fuel
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