Special Art of the Day #236: Concept and Fanart, the Dark Side of the Zoo

Put Me Down! by Byron Howard
Source [1]

This picture by Byron Howard is without a doubt one of the most iconic pieces of concept art in the Zootopia universe. It was originally created for the original version of the film, known mostly as Zistopia, or sometimes as the Shock Collar version of Zootopia. It was these collars, together with the bleak vision of Zootopia depicted in this version that led to it being shelved in favor of what later became the final, theatrical release.

Nonetheless there remains a great deal of both concept and fan-art dedicated to this dark vision of  the film. We present here a small collection of these works for your enjoyment. And please be sure to to show the original artists your appreciation by clicking on the source links.

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Fictional Movie Poster fox Zistopia

Zooprototopia – The Movie by jackorjohn
Source [2]
In Zistopia any predator can be accused of anything. (Concept Art)

He did it! by Cory Loftis
Source [3]
Concpet pic of Happytown, ‘da Hood of Zistopia.  Note the name on the store Nick is facing; that was his father.

Happytown by Matthias Lechner
Source [4]

Fan-art of Nick wearing a tame collar and bandages.  It was the injury shown in this pic that eventually led him to the idea for the creation of the Wild Times amusement park.  (More about that below.)

Collar by turningtides
Source [5]
Nick’s collar activates.  It was scenes like this, particularly one involving a polar-bear cub the ultimately led to the nixing of Zistopia in favor of Zootopia. (Fan-Art)

Shock Collar by klaragibson
Source [6]
One of the most heart-wrenching scenes in Zistopia was a flashback in which young Nick inadvertently frightened a pair of hamsters and ended up being busted by the police. (Fan-Art)

No! Dad! Daddy! by escrainus
Source [7]
“One day…Wild Times will become a reality.” (Fan-Art)

Even Predators Can Dream by h-stallionwolf
Source [8]
Concept art of the property that eventually became Wild Times.  If you look closely, you can see Nick in the foreground

Wild Times Before by Matthias Lechner
Source [9]
Open for business

Wild Times After by Matthias Lechner
Source [10]
Some of the earliest concept pics of Wilde Times.  Looks almost industrial, doesn’t it?

ManuelArenas_Zootopia_05 by Man Arenas
Source [11]
Here’s a map of the place. (Fan art)

Map of Wild TImes by doraemonbasilt
Source [12]
As in Zootopia, the baddie in Zistopia was the mayor, a female pig named Swinton.  There’s been quite a bit of concept art dedicated to her, but I think the expression in this fan-pic sums up her personality to a T.

Mayor of Zootopia by farmer-ink
Source [13]
Concept pic of Mayor Swinton’s Chief henchmammal.  This is not actually a wolf but a ram named Woolly disguised as a wolf.  (Sheep in wolf’s clothing, get it?)

Wooly Wolf by Shiyoon Kim
Source [14]
Here he is, preparing to dart Nick Wilde.  This incident led to Nick’s arrest and the closure of Wild Times.

Wooly Stalks Nick by Matthias Lechner
Source [15]
Below are four concept pics of Nick (and Judy) attempting to track Woolly to his lair.  Seriously spooky stuff.

Back Alley by Armand Serrano
Source [16]

Sheep in the Alley by Armand Serrano
Source [17]

Wooly’s Apartmetn Neighborhood by Armand Serrano
Source [18]

Wooly’s Apartment by Armand Serrano
Source [19]
Dr. Honeybadger, Mayor Lionheart’s partner in the Savage Predator cover-up was originally Madge Honeybadger, a conspiracy theorist with a thing about sheep and a sometime ally of Nick.  Here she is with Finnick (Fan-Art)

Madge_Honeybadger by monoflax
Source [20]
Madge Honeybadger’s secret bunker. (Concept Art)

Honey’s Bunker by Matthias Lechner
Source [21]
Concept art of the Zootopia Jail, where Nick ended up following his arrest.

ZPD Jail by Matthias Lechner
Source [22]
Nick’s mug-shot.  (Fan-Art)

Zistopia – Nick Wilde by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [23]
Nick in prison coveralls. (Fan-Art)

Collar calling by monoflax
Source [24]
Nick makes a run for it through the precinct. (Concept Art)

Nick Escapes by Matthias Lechner
Source [25]
Vaulting a fence with Judy in hot pursuit, (fan-art.) This chase eventually led them through Little Rodentia

[Tame Collar Zootopia] Cya! by snowangel15
Source [26]
Ultimately it led them to become unwilling allies. (fan-art)
Redraw of ol’ Zootopia by juantriforce042
Source [27]
One of the oldest cliches in film is the protagonist seeing his picture on TV,and finding out he’s wanted for a crime he didn’t commit.  (I saw it just this weekend while watching Skyscraper with Dwayne Johnson)

Not just some guy who doesn’t want to go to jail by aqvilarostrvm
Source [28]
Judy finally begins to realize that Nick was framed.

Nick… by juantriforce
Source [29]
And sees him for who he really is

Zistopia by caliosidhe
Source [30]
No more tame-collars…ever

Trust by chaluny
Source [31]
We close with just a fun, silly pic.  (No that isn’t jack Savage; it’s Judy with scratches on her cheek.)

Zistopia 8tracks mix of 70s music by nicolaswildes
Source [32]
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  1. I'm crying so much now, Zistopia was in my opinion the most beautiful half-fanfiction that existed and could exist, and if someone like me followed it throughout its development until its horrible sudden end, you know why I'm crying now :'<

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