Art of the Day #218: Duke Amuck

Zootopia – Duke Weaselton (Inktober #26) by nik159
Source [1]

“Duke Weaselton, that shifty underpawed, thieving, heartless jerk. That no-good, conniving, dirt-bag. That sniveling, sneaking, lowlife, worthless….”


“Oops, sorry, got carried away there, Weselton.”

“It’s Weaselton, Duke Weaselton…and this is MY collection, pal. So everybody go take yourselves a look an’ don’t forget to show the artists some appreciation by clickin’ on the source links there.”

“Yeah, like you ever showed an artist any appreciation, Captain Bootleg.”

“Ahhhh, shaddap!”

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“Eeeeeep!   Change it!  Change it!  Put me in an action pic or sump’n!

Duke Weaselton by Polarized-Wolf
Source [17]
“Your wish is my command, Duke.”
“Aaaaggghhhhh  Why you….!”


Dash and Judy Pop the Weasel by Tsaenoa
Source [18]

Duke Weaselton by Nexeron
Source [19]

Run Duke Run by Corgi
Source [20]

A Weaselton Exclusive! by Zen_Fetcher
Source [21]


“The Room, Duke….seriously?”
“Will you get outta here!”

Bootleg Weasel by Habiyeru
Source [22]


                  ♪”It feels just like he’s Falling for the First Time.”♫”You dirty…!”

It’s the Weasel From the Show by @magferret
Source [23]
“There are two kinds of mammals in the world, those with guns..and those who get left with nothing.”
“But I GOTTA gun!”
“Yes, but you don’t have a loaded gun!”



Zootopia, Sergio Leone Style pt. 3 by KendallCollins
Source [24]
Obviously, Weaselton never saw this scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Ghost in the Shell by fanartiguess
Source [25]
If it’s any consolation, Duke, Nick looks almost even more scared than you in this one.

Duke Chase by nicksoutham
Source [26]
“Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by,,,”


“Awrite, that’s it.  I’ve had about enough of you, smart-guy.”
“Oh, boo-hoo.  Quit your whining already, Weasel-boy.”
“Oh yeah!  How you gonna MAKE me?”
The Duke by Technical-Error
“Does THIS answer your question, Duke?”
(And doesn’t he look just SUPER?)

A change in career by Zen_Fetcher
Source [27]

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