Art of the Day #198

Walkin’ the Beat by S1M
Source [1]

If you look at the background of this pic, you’ll notice it’s a nod to a very famous piece of artwork, Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (Google it!) But what is Judy saying to Nick? And why does he have his shades on? Doesn’t look that bright out to me.

Wel-l-l-llll, perhaps we’ll find out later, but in the meantime we present a random cornucopia or artwork for your enjoyment.

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That bunny swings a mean baton, don’t she?

Judy Hopps- by alec8ter
Source [2]

♪ Sit on my fayyyyce and tell me that you love meee.♫

Sitonmyface by Teaselbone and anothercoloranon by anothercolouranon
Source [3]

Judy seems pretty calm about the whole thing.

Gunfight by ふたばやし
Source [4]
The title of this one pretty much says it all.

Romeo and Judy by weketa@狼琊
Source [5]
You KNOW you want one of these; resistance is futile

Needle Felted Nick Wilde by YuliaLeonovich
Source [6]
It’s a jungle out there.

Zootopia by SuzyQ1417
Source [7]
You gotta love the eyes on this one.

Judy Hopps by FR95
Source [8]
Gutsy, isn’t she?

I’ve Got a Job For You Boys by Neytirix
Source [9]

If I remember right, this it where Wild Times is supposed to be located

Nick Wilde by artibord
Source [10]
Paul Blart, eat your heart out!

Judy the 24-Hour Store Guard by GrumpyI3unny
Source [11]

Judy and the rings of Saturn

Interstellar by fanartiguess
Source [12]
Reach for the stars!

15 Min Drawing by @noko_ume_
Source [13]

As far as your dreams will take you.

How Far by @noko_ume_
Source [14]

Let’s be careful out there.

Night Beat by @ratuta
Source [15]
At least he didn’t bring the Minions

Zootopia Happy by Weischede
Source [16]
Kids will be kids

Chase by Tarri
Source [17]

Playin’ footsie

Foot Massage by S1M
Source [18]
♫ I am the very model
Of a modern bunny officer… ♪

you_get_what_you_deserve- by Technical-Error
Source [19]
Just chillin’

Laptopia by @ulako414?protected_redirect=true
Source [20]

Judy warming up for the Rabbithon

Stretch by ZIGROCK!!
Source [21]

Just go with it, Nick.

Pffft by Credens-Vita
Source [22]
Nick looks good in regular specs, don’t he?

Nick in Spex by @do2910na
Source [23]

Last for today, folks.

Nick Wilde by @Kekeflipnote
Source [24]


  1. Some of these are very good. I especially like the first one, as I did a project about Hopper's work and am an admirer of his work.

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