A Gift for a Friend! Disney Mascot Shipping!

So what sorts of things would a clever fox such as Nick Wilde give to Judy as a present during special occasions and holiday events? A bundle of flowers? A stash of carrots? A basket of blueberries? Whatever the present is, we all know it would melt the heart of the ‘Carrots’ who receives it.

Well, it comes to no surprise that although the creators of Zootopia don’t officially admit the ship of Wildehopps, you can bet your sweet cheese and crackers that those who are playing as mascots know exactly what they’re doing at Disney parks. So go check out this awesome Twitter video after the break from one such random events at a Disney park and find out just what Nick gave to Judy on this fine day!


  1. Even Disney's theme parks ship WildeHopps! The two are just meant for each other, like a modern day Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

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