Art of the Day #172

[Comm] Nick the fox sleeping in a drawer! by SAGADreams
Source [1]

Hi Everyone! Chris here!

The only evidence of how Nick Wilde’s place looks like is from the official Artbook of Zootopia. This showcases that, even if Nick manages to deal with the routine in the big city, he’s still living in poor conditions. I really feel bad for him…

But for now, let’s give to you all a new round of artworks. Enjoy!

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The Animals, the animals….. by jerberjer
Source [2]

Evolution by yelnats
Source [3]

Gideon Grey by Souvannarath
Source [4]

Cooperate! by Ariel42
Source [5]

finnick by moonlycan
Source [6]

Zootopia – Meet Nick by Weischede
Source [7]

Sergent Hopps by Kimchan
Source [8]

Zootopia:Little Nick! by fredvegerano
Source [9]

Honey by GlacierK
Source [10]

Nick Wilde by Zerrazoid
Source [11]

Cuddling Fox and Bunny by Daolord
Source [12]

Gazelle cosplays Shiklah (Request) by RedBenjamin
Source [13]

I really like these colors. by foxefuel
Source [14]

Sir Gideon and Gifre – Valorous Knights by 6SpiritKing
Source [15]

Zootopia drawing. Disney Art by Erikahornart
Source [16]

Waking Judy by artbirchly
Source [17]

Nick Pics by JohnMigle
Source [18]

Next to I love you by yelnatsdraws
Source [19]

Judy D.Va 🐇🇰🇷❤ by @swetpot
Source [20]

Commission – Disney Star Wars Cosplay by RetroUniverseArt
Source [21]

Nick and Judy’s day off by toonfox583
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