Story: Zootopia Au: Predation

Art by: LtSpectre

[Rating T13][Drama][Crime]

An AU story that incorporates multiple plots and concepts from the original Zootopia script while also going its own way, “Predation” is a thrilling and captivating read for fans of dystopian societies and those who seek to right them. Dark and dreary but with the correct dose of hope to keep you invested. – YFWE

Author: Dancing Lunar Wolves

Description :
Zootopia, a city that was once the hope of a gleaming metropolis, has long since become nothing more than a dystopian society. With prey and predators mysteriously missing, found maimed, or murdered, the ZPD’s finest are there to do their job, with a little help: To keep the city safe, and to keep its predators under control. A Zootopia AU based on the original concept.

Zootopia AU: Predation
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Additional Tags: What if everything you’d been taught about a certain species was wrong?