Story: Quest to a Place of Extreme Unpleasantness

Art by: Technical-Error

[Rating T13][Fantasy][Adventure][Action][Angst][Complete]

It’s always fascinating to see Nick and Judy thrown into a fantasy setting that’s swarming with extraordinary locales, dangerous monsters and supernatural elements, so if that’s the kind of story you’re looking for, then look no further! Our duo embarks on a journey of epic proportions that will test their resolve and bring them face to face with the sinister entities of the world they live in. And speaking of the world, RedPen’s meticulous attention to detail in the lore, the atmosphere and the backstories of our fox and rabbit makes the narrative that much more immersive, which in turn contributes to the overall enjoyability of the story. You’d best be keeping an eye on the series this work is a part of, The Wounded World, as this is the first step in an adventure that promises to be grand, and one that will – hopefully – bring the heroes closer together over its duration. – DrummerMax64

Author: RedPen

Description :
What are we to make of the fate of this world, when hearts turn to evil, and beasts beyond imagining are clawing at the gates? When all rests in the paws of the last breathing Custodian and a sell-sword in black? Their mission is perilous. The stakes are immeasurable. And they don’t much like each other, either…

Quest to a Place of Extreme Unpleasantness

Additional Tags: Caverns and skeletons and magic, oh my!