ZNN Spotlight #1: The Twist of Trashasaurusrex!

Hey everybody!  This is Quirky-Middle-Child, though most people just call me Quirky.  I don’t normally do posts since I’m one of the the artists behind the scenes chained to a desk drawing for time and all eternity, but I’m not here to talk about me, I’m here to talk about you guys!

The Zootopia fandom has a lot of talented artists, authors, and individuals, some of which we may have not shown here before. With so much awesomeness going on, we can’t quite catch them all but we have a new series to help fix some of that!

Introducing ZNN Spotlights, where we give a shoutout and a quick showcase to each of all these unique and talented individuals deserve some recognition!

Now, without further ado, our first spotlight lands on….


Her sona

Trashasaurusrex has a wonderful style in capturing the look of the movie, as well as providing her own style with it. Her work consists of fan art, crossovers, AU’s, and even an OC named Isabelle that has gained some attention in the fandom!  She has fun with some Disney Crossovers with a twist: Nick is the Princess!  Quite unorthodox to some, but let’s be honest here, Nick looks good in just about anything.

Check out her stuff over on tumblr, and get a small smaple of her work after the break!

Insert love quote here
She is great with her romance
And c’mon, a dress like that goes along with Nick’s eyes.
and this is Isabelle, the adorable OC daughter of Nick and Judy I mentioned earlier
Adult Isabelle
The Bunny And The Fox


  1. Trashasaurus is one of the most respected Zootopia fan artists this one knows about. Her ability to make Nick look so hot in a dress is equally matched by her skills in giving Nick and Judy a perfect romantic relationship that speaks of true love and commitment to each other. Nick is best Disney Princess in various forms; favourites include Cinderella and Ariel. He makes a better Elsa than the real Elsa, although Chief Bogo might compete for that spot. Nick was also fabulous as Jessica Rabbit, with Judy as a lovably goofy Roger Rabbit. Their daughter Isabelle is a beautiful addition that binds their family love forever. To Trash, much love and adoration to you, from all those who follow and enjoy your artwork on Tumblr and other locations you provided your artwork. 🙂

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