Art of the Day #34 – Summertime!

Have an amazing summer by Byron Howard
Source [1]

Summertime has officially begun!  Time to hit the pool!

My high school days may or may not have been DRAMATICALLY impacted by the High School Musical series.  Mostly positively, thank goodness.

(Just saying, I’d still totally love to go on a date with Ashley Tisdale if given the chance.  If she’s reading this… well I would be very, very surprised to say the least.  And I’d tell her to get in touch with me over twitter @zootopia_news.)

I’m getting off-topic here.  Let’s kick off the summer, Zootopia-Style!

Get your art after the break!

[TITLE UNKNOWN] by @dbwoqiq123
Source [2]

ズトピツイッタまとめ① by ko-mote
Source [3]

ズトピの落書き止まらない by つーあん
Source [4]

ジュディとニック by なめこ鱒
Source [5]

Road&Traffic light by foxnickwylde
Source [6]

[Title Unknown] by mabinhugo
Source [7]

ズトピツイッタまとめ① by ko-mote
Source [8]

Zootopia by sonicboom35
Source [9]

ズートピアは良いけど by まさ
Source [10]

ZOOTOPIA落書きまとめ② by びーこ@ついった
Source [11]

ズートピアまとめ by 少林ボンズ
Source [12]

Zootopia : Summer on the farm by doraemonbasil
Source [13]

[Title Unknown] by saya
Source [14]

Summer Selfie by Skdaffle
Source [15]

Zootopia by Miledblur
Source [16]

Nick is visiting Judy’s farm by pitiyindee
Source [17]

ふたりで街歩き by 中野鳴海
Source [18]

ズートピアまとめ by クロクマ
Source [19]

[Title Unknown] by 荒磯
Source [20]