Poll Results: How many times have you been to see Zootopia?


Sorry I’m so late posting today.  It’s been an unexpectedly busy day that’s kept me away from a computer for most of it. Sorry! -Andy

Last week, I asked all of you how many had been like me and decided “This movie is so good, I’m going to go watch it again while it’s still in theaters.”  And WOW, a lot more people voted than I ever expected.  We had over 280 people respond, and from the looks of things, most of us have only been to see it 1-3 times.  However, what’s surprising is how many of us have been to see it 6 or more times- a whole 10{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1}!

Personally, I’m not yet a part of that club, but I did have to move my vote from 4 to 5 this past week.  This movie’s addicting!

Check out the full results after the break!