Saturday, June 9, 2018

Art of the Day #214: Let's Work

Morning Run by Miles-DF
Source [1]
Ahhh, summer... a time for getting out and getting fit. Let's go go join Nick, Judy and the rest of the Zootopia gang as they hit the road and then the gym for a good old summer workout.

(...once they get the bugs worked out, that is. )

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Nick Wilde goes running.
The expectation:
Swift by www
Source [2]
The reality:
Nick and Judy in Training by RoguishRoman
Source [3]
The expectation:
Bunny Stole My Bike by str00p
Source [4]
The reality:
Run to You by Akiric
Source [5]
Perhaps he just needs to be motivated, Judy.  With proper motivation, you can get anyone up and running.
Motivation by junichiboar
Source [6]
THERE ya go!
Jogging by TheDarkShadow1990
Source [7]
And now, let's join Nick and Judy as they prepare to climb int the ring for a sparring match
Disney Request for Zootopia020 by EnvyQ00
Source [8]
The expectation:
Boxing Day by anothercolouranon
Source [9]

The reality:
Ahhh_Shaddap! by mattnyc816
Source [10]

Mind you, what Nick Wilde lacks in speed, skills, and punching power, he more than makes up for in style; the judges were particularly impressed by the way he was blocking the bear's left hook with his right eye.
Zoolympics Boxing by Temiree
Source [11]

Okay, now let's hit the gym for some weight training.
Judy Lifts by ikimaru
Source [12]
In about 5 seconds, Nick is going to be launched backwards off that treadmill and into the wall.  4...3...2...
Spotting Judy by mistermead
Source [13]
Being a bunny, Judy never forgets to give her legs a workout, too.
More Strong Bun by ricksketchbook
Source [14]
Judy Pulls Her Weight by CatbeeCache
Source [15]

Okay, Judy, NOW I think you're biting off more than you can chew.
Amazon Judy Begins by jollyjack
Source [16]
And now it's Nick's turn again.  Once more, he just needs a little motivation
Pull-Ups by ask-thezpd
Source [17]
PUll-ups2 by ask-thezpd
Source [18]
Pull Ups3 by ask-thezpd
Source [19]

Hmmm, looks all like that motivation paid off
Nick pumps by @monmokamoko
Source [20]

Whoa, did it ever pay off!
Eye Candy by TheWinterBunny
Source [21]

'Course, Judy's not the only fitness buff on the ZPD.
Weights by Piromane
Source [22]

Not by a long shot.
Working Bogo by DragonSlash
Source [23]
She's not the only fitness buff period, as a matter of fact.
Finnick and Duke by Dhaivor
Source [24]
It all started back in her police academy days
Training by Darkanine121212
Source [25]
And so, with her workout completed, Judy prepares to his the showers and grab a smoothie, but she'll be back again for our next Art of the Day.  In the meantime, aloha.
Judy's Workout by xNIR0x
Source [26]

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