Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We Are Number One but its Zootopia [More Midnight Madness!]

It's beautiful.  Simply beautiful.
You read the title.  You know what's coming.

I actually made this one myself a while back.  Never finished it since I lost the premiere file in a hardware upgrade, but what can you do.  I figure I may as well remind everyone of a meme from six months ago.

Join me in my apparent insanity after the break!

UPDATE:  Byron Howard liked it on twitter.  My work here is done.


  1. That was amazing! Too bad there's not more, but I guess there's only so many scenes usable for this.

    1. well, I could have done more, but I lost the file I was using to edit it, so I figured I may as well just post what I had XD

      Though I was thinking of editing the word "Net" onto the night howler gun, then "Throw it at him, not me!" would be when he gets shot

    2. Too bad that it got lost. Here's my attempt at the scene:

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