Zootopia included in new Disney World fireworks show!

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about the newest Fireworks Show at Walt Disney World.  Titled “Happily Ever After“, this spectacle promised a celebration of all things Disney, with new music, new pyrotechnics, and, most importantly, new animation.  Disney allocated some of their best 2D Animators and imagineers to making this show come to life in a way that had never been seen before.

Boy, did they deliver.  The whole show is an 18 minute long celebration of the greatest Disney films, from The Little Mermaid to Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and more!  Basically, every movie that is considered a “Disney Classic” is on display here, with some really amazing effects that transform Cinderella Castle in ways I never thought were possible!

I’m sure you’re wondering, does Zootopia make an appearance?  You bet it does!  It’s very brief, but at the 8:14 mark you can see Nick and Judy in front of the ZPD Graduation Banner, before being chased off by a Big Donut much bigger than the one in Little Rodentia.

If you plan on going to Walt Disney World anytime soon, I strongly recommend you check this show out.  Otherwise, you can check it out after the break!


    • At first I was (and to an extent, still am) inclined to agree with you.

      However! At The risk of coming across as a fanatical WildeHopps shipper (which I whole heartily am), I think that, considering it's titled "Happily Ever After" and Zootopia 2 is as guaranteed as one could hope for at this point, by putting them in the show at all hints at a possible relationship development in the next movie.

      I may be reaching here, but I wouldn't put it past Disney to sprinkle Easter eggs everywhere in plain sight but so subtle that you don't see them until after the fact (e.g. the fox on the poster, and the phone case in Big Hero 6).

      But like I said, I'm seriously fanatical when it comes to the WildeHopps ship so I may be looking at things through gray and russet colored glasses here.


    • I support WildeHopps as well, but still view things through an analytical lens; Happily Ever After this may be, but Moana was not a love story, nor was the original Hunchback of Notre Dame (if we look at the main characters and the motives alone; Quasimodo did not end up with the girl), or Monsters Inc, the original Toy Story, etc. so that is definitely not in any way what's being hinted at here with them showing up.

  1. The Nick and Judy part was presented during the "best friends" segment, so no, no romance hinting there. Also Judy and her parents can be seen during the "You'll be in my heart" song with the other parent/child images.

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