Monday, February 6, 2017

Story: Now Your Nightmare Comes to Life

Art: Noko
[Rating T13][Drama][Romance][Complete]

If you were to look up the phrase 'emotional rollercoaster' in the dictionary, you'd no doubt see this story used as an example. An exceptionally written and emotionally riveting drama, I was impressed by how much I got drawn into this. Full of twists and turns, this nail-baiting work will have you hoping against all hope that our favorite fox and rabbit will get through this terrible nightmare unscathed. The question is... will they? ~DrummerMax

Author: TheCatweazle
Description : Since joining the ZPD three years ago, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps have been partners, slowly climbing up the greasy pole. Over time however, and unbeknownst to Judy, Nick developed strong feelings for the feisty bunny. Before he can act on these feelings, Nick is thrown into his own personal nightmare. Can he wake up again? NickXJudy... or maybe not?
Now Your Nightmare Comes to Life

Additional Tags: Freddy Krueger's got nothing on this nightmare.


  1. When you finish this one, make sure to look at the in-progress prequel (How to Treat a Festering Wound) and the sequel (Hammer to Fall); it's quite a bit of world-building here and a great story.

  2. Got some balls to compare it to ol Freddy

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