Thursday, January 26, 2017

Turnabout Wilde, a Fan-Made, Ace Attorney Crossover Game!

I love the Phoenix Wright series.  Granted, I don't have a DS to actually play them on, but I really enjoy the stories that they tell.  Who would have thought a series about lawyers could be so fun?

Well, fellow fans have put together their own game that brings Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth into the world of Zootopia to take on a murder case, and Nick Wilde is the primary suspect!

Created in the Ace Attorney Online engine, the screens are small and the assets are mostly borrowed from the movie, but it still feels like a Phoenix Wright game.  Only one case is available right now, but there are 4 more currently planned in this series.

Kudos to Tom117z and DoctorJohnPotters for bringing us this!

Check it out for yourself over on Ace Attorney Online! (link here)


  1. You don't necessarily need a DS to play them. At least the first 3 games (maybe more, haven't checked lately) have officially been ported to iOS (and possibly Android, not sure), with nice updated HD graphics. And of course there are always emulators on PC...

  2. Not easy for me though :P

    just played it and stuck in the cross examination about "What I Saw"

    1. Same here. I made it past that point once (I don't know how though) and then had to try and present one last piece of evidence to clear Nick but...nothing worked. I saved and tried every piece of evidence but none of them worked. :/

      Quite confused.

    2. It's two pieces, the bullet and I think the gun. It starts a chain that leads to an examination and the realization it was not from Nick's gun.

    3. Does anyone know what you do after you talk to Mrs. Ness?

    4. Examine the floor space between the wet floor sign and the counter, you will find the next piece of evidence discarded there.

    5. Someone's doing a playthrough of these fan games on Youtube, in case you still want to follow the story and all that.

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  4. If they add Bellwether in the future they should give her L'belle's theme from Dual Destinies.