Saturday, January 28, 2017

GTA meets Zootopia!

If you ever wanted to drive one of the ZPD cruisers while on a rampage of destruction, today is your lucky day!

The Grand Theft Auto series has always had a good modding scene.  From silly mods that make every car in the game just hurl themselves in random directions at top speed, to completely new regions of the map to explore, the modding community has got you covered.

So it comes as little surprise that someone would make a zootopia-related mod.  What's impressive about this, though, is the level of detail and accuracy to the car we saw Nick and Judy Patrolling in at the end of the movie.  Compare and contrast.

Kudos to dsawdaw for this awesome recreation!

Check it out over on, and get more images of it in action (including Nick going on a rampage!) after the break.


  1. When I saw the headline GTA meets Zootopia, my first thought was "these cars are going to be in the Greater Toronto Area? Cool!"

    Then I actually read the article, and I was wrong, and a little disappointed. I wish they were coming to my GTA, not just the game.

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