Friday, December 23, 2016

Art of the Day #76: Little Red Riding Hood!

by くろジジ
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Recently there's been a rather sultry ad popping up on billboards in Japan:

It's actually advertising for a hair-removal service, but the animal ears on the guy has resulted in numerous Zootopia parody images! All the better to cuddle you with!

Get your art after the break, or the Big Bad Nick will get you!

by Puki
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by Mはる。
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by りうか
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by donadona
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by サンタ
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by donadona
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by 平家ピア
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by サンタ
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by ニコミ
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by ふにゃあさ
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by 侑加
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by 葵 晴海
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by みそ
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  1. Insert gratuitous Geroge Takei reference.

    Oh My! ;)