Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Art of the Day #73: Genderbending!

Nick Judy by @Unichrome-uni
Source [1]
Rule 63 of the internet: for every fictional character, there exists and opposite-gender counterpart.  No exceptions.  Not even Zootopia.

Meet Nicole Wilde, a streetwise, savvy businesswoman, and Jude Hopps, a dedicated rookie cop who's finally got the job he's been dreaming of his whole life.  It's definitely a fun idea that is cool to see.

Get your Genderbent art after the break!

2510 by @ahiru621
Source [2]
2510 by @ahiru621
Source [3]
What's this? by @ydk_disney
Source [4]
A Somehow Different Zootopia by @loped
Source [5]
Genderswap by @ukulm52
Source [6]
Nicole Jude by @puki_0710
Source [7]
Nick Judy Transsexual by @gkqwkrdyd
Source [8]
Nicole Jude by @shironaga67
Source [9]
Ms. Nicole by @kimagurewface
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Nicole Jude by @poki_o_o_o
Source [11]
2510 by @do291010na
Source [12]
Ah? by Addison Wallace
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ZOOTOPIA TS by pafull
Source [14]
Genderswap by @izoomion
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  1. Id be lying If I said these are new to me... Don't ask...

  2. Omg...someone gotta draw this genderbending version to the original movie comic.

  3. Boy, it's hard to get Judy to look male.