Friday, November 11, 2016

Art of the Day #67: Pocky Day!

Pocky Day by そらの いろ
Source [1]
November 11 is Pocky Day in Japan! The four ones in 11-11 resemble the long thin shape of the iconic snack, and that means a whole lot of pocky game fun!

Get your art after the break!

Pocky Dance by なゆた
Source [2]
Crazy about Pocky by サリタ
Source [3]
Pocky Day by 고구마구마
Source [4]
Pocky and Pretz Day by もつこ
Source [5]
Civilian Clothes by donadona
Source [6]
Pocky and Pretz Day by donadona
Source [7]
Pocky by donadona
Source [8]
11.11 by ちぎこ
Source [9]
Sharehappi by さくま
Source [10]
Finnick and Pocky by さくま
Source [11]
Pocky and Pretz Day by みそ
Source [12]
Pocky Day by ARICHE
Source [13]
Pocky Day by 松隈
Source [14]

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  1. wait, pocky day is an actual thing? I passed 3 boxes of chocolate at the store and I didn't buy one! damn you personal restraint!