Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ZNN and Zootopians present the Halloween Drawing Challenge + Giveaway!

Art by Quirky-Middle-Child
It's that time of year, isn't it?  The season of spooks and scares.  Monsters and mayhem around every corner.

In preparation for one of the best holidays of the year, ZNN is teaming up with the Zootopians Facebook page to bring you a challenge!

To enter, you must draw a picture of your favorite canon character from Zootopia in some sort of Halloween-themed scene.  They can be in costume, getting frightened, etc, so long as it's halloweeny!

And, to spice things up a bit more, we're making this a sweepstakes too!  Everyone who submits an image gets a chance to win a brand-new, unopened copy of The Art of Zootopia!

The Rules:
- Must have some canon characters (Nick, Judy, Finnick, etc.)
- No NSFW/Suggestive/inappropriate art
- Due Sunday, October 30th

To enter, email your art to with the subject "Halloween Drawing Challenge".  Include a link to where you originally posted it (Deviantart, Tumblr, Pixiv, etc.).  You can submit more than one image, even if you didn't draw it this week- it just has to be Halloween-themed.

Good luck everyone!  Happy Halloween!


  1. I've done a few hand drawn comics, but never any Halloween ones of them. Still, I'll see if I can submit one. Also, congrats on the page views Andy!

  2. i kinda imagine bellwether singing toxic love from ferngully

  3. This sounds amazing... i may give it a try my self also is there a way of supporting this challenge/contest?

    1. Best way to support it is to enter it and share it! The more people know about it, the better, so if you share it on social media that would be awesome.

  4. So tempted to do a Sweet Transvestite Rocky Horror Picture Show themed image... just who to cross-dress...