Monday, September 12, 2016

Comic: Blueberry Pie (Original by Mitoro)

With the right motivation, work can be pretty easy and fun. This is especially true for Nick if the motivation is a good blueberry pie! But what if the reward turns out to be something unexpected?

Thanks to Mitoro for making the original comic, and thanks to Zootopiacomicskr for translating it for us. You can find the original on twitter and, as usual, read from right to left and get your translated comic after the break!


  1. On the other hand, he will not be in danger of getting bubonic plague...

  2. Me when I'm promised pizza and I get a salad.

  3. My motivation is never my reward...

  4. Hmmmm...why is Nick stomping his laundry? Isn't he loading the washing machine in the preceding panel? Also, don't they have a dryer? O_O;

    I feel like Judy would have driven to the store to get Nick a blueberry pie once she realized they were out of blueberries. She wouldn't let her dear fox be so sad.

  5. That is almost sadder than a Mead comic that he did all that work and they didn't have any blueberries to make a pie.

  6. Knowing Judy's personality, she knew they were out of blueberries. She's too on-the-ball for something like that to slip past her. She just wanted to make sure work got done.

    Darn you, Judy! You're being a mean Bunny Waifu!