Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Art of the Day #56- Crossing Over

heard u were talkin shet by EternalGawd
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I've seen a lot of epic crossover art since I've been doing this ZNN stuff.  But this... this has to be one of the most BA crossovers Judy Hopps has been a part of.  Sleeping Beauty was legit.  I'm now picturing Bogo and Lionheart being the two kings seeking an alliance, Clawhauser getting into an argument with Finnick over which color they make a cake, and Bellwether turning into a giant dragon that Judy must slay.  The only thing that could make it better is if Nick were cast in the role of Aurora.

Oh wait.  We have that in this post.  Man, there's really no end to the possibilites when it comes to recasting Zootopia characters into other Disney movies.

Get your crossover art after the break!

Fur Wars by Jessica-Rae-3
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Wilde and Hopps by quirky-middle-child
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dorks by EternalGawd
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MadMax Zootopia by zootopiasubject
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Danny Phantom/Zootopia: Amity Park by OptimusPrimeTFR
Source [6]
Wilde Effect Cover Art by Kulkum
Source [7]
Wilde and Hopps by quirky-middle-child
Source [8]
ゴーストバスターズ!(ズートピア) by 中村ソラ子
Source [9]
Long live the king! by MachineWithSoul
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「ニクジュディつめ+通販開始のお知らせ by ばの
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Answer the call… by silvaniart
Source [12]
[Title Unknown] by felisfurtificus
Source [13]
Red Fox Guerrilla by samaelsart
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大体ニックとジュディその2 by もじお
Source [15]
Sly Bunny Dumb Fox by RenoKim
Source [16]
Nick Wilde by dadre-amber
Source [17]
Zootopia Avengers by JAZZ JACK
Source [18]
Zootopia&FROZENログ by セト@twitter始めました
Source [19]
Nick and Judy Arrest Rocket by INKshima
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悪い顔のふたり by うみの*おうち
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ズートピア×パディントン by 20160811
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Request 2 (FNAF the Musical: Zootopia) by WhisperingPhantom101
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Nick Shimada by antovic
Source [24]
ズートピア×パディントン by 20160811
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