Friday, May 20, 2016

Art of the Day #27

Nick & Judy by ユィスパー

Well, if that is not a beautiful holiday Picture! Nick and Judy should definitely make a postcard out of it and share it with their family and friends.

Because... Everyone loves postcards, right?
Get your art after the break!

(Thank you so much to gfcwfzkm for putting this together for me.  I've been kind of a mess trying to work out logistics for different events today, which is why I haven't posted much at all.  Sorry about that. ~Andy Lagopus)

by ぱ坊

Sahara Square by キングギドラ

Zootopia 8 by Shinyfurry

ZOOZOPIA! by にのぬこ

Ambiguous relationship by 米克斯犬

Nick by ちゃっぱ

Zootopia by まめお

Sly rabbit and stupid fox by 宇宙餡子

Hmm? by 蜜柑

 Zootopia Looney Tunes flavor by はぁとふる売国奴

Zootopia Summary by 瀬戸西k子

粉紅色的 by Tina hong

By archiveofzootopia

【ズートピア】 by 砂倉ちづ

よしよし by うぃうぃ

Zootopia by Liego

Zootopia Summary by 瀬戸西k子

Nick Wilde by のってぃ

Zootopia Summary by 瀬戸西k子

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  1. (Picture 7) I love how the jumbo pop drop looks like a small heart ^^