Video/Editorial: Why Are Movies Afraid of Phones? (By: Eddache)


We all love Zootopia, and really, why wouldn’t we? Not only is just an all-around great film, but it also pushes the limits on what can be done in animated films, asking questions and tackling issues in ways a lot of us had never considered before. We mostly focus on how it handles the issue of prejudice in modern society, but turns out it also has a unique approach towards how phones are portrayed and used in movies.

I know, it’s not exactly the biggest thing of note in the movie and it certainly wasn’t something I ever gave any thought to before, but a video from Eddache highlights the issue, discussing how Zootopia has a truly unique take when it comes to how phones are portrayed in movies. You can check the video out below or over on YouTube and I recommend you give it a look.

Is it going to change your outlook on the world the way Zootopia did? Probably not. But I know I’m certainly never going to look at the way phones are used in film the same way again, and I’d say that’s reason enough to check it out. After all, it’s always nice to have a new perspective on things in life, even the small things.