Full Tour of Shanghai Disneyland’s Zootopia Section (By: Tommy_Crash)


It’s here! It’s finally here! After all this time, the Zootopia section at Shanghai Disneyland is finally open for all to see! We’ve shown off plenty of previews of what to expect, but now that it’s finally open, we can’t help but wonder what’s it actually like.

Well, Tommy_Crash_ checked it out and was nice enough to post a whole thread showing off what there is to see, and boy is there a lot. From the traffic lights to the animatronics, the buildings, and street designs, this place just oozes with detail and character. If you happen to find yourself in that part of the world, you owe it to yourself as a Zootopia fan to give it a visit. I mean lets be real, as nice as photos and videos can be, you just can’t beat experiencing these sorts of things in person.

Check out the full thread showing off the whole tour at the link below or over on Twitter for more details.