Merch: New Zootopia Gacha Toys in Japan


Gacha games are something of a fad these days. There certainly can be quite the appeal to testing your luck in the hopes of getting some goodies for your trouble. The fact it’s become so prevalent with games like Genshin Impact is proof of that. However, before all of that, there were the Gashapon vending machines in Japan where every time you’d play, you’d get a capsule with a toy. Fingers crossed that’d it end up being one of the ones you want.

Well, now it looks like Zootopia has managed to find itself swept up in the Gacha game fad as Takara Tomy has put out a Zootopia-themed Gachapon with it there are 4 figures including Nick, Judy, Finnick and Flash. What do you think of them? Do any of them in particular catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!