Zootopia 24/7: A Slow Motion Art Project


There’s one thing you certainly can say about the Zootopia fandom, they sure aren’t lacking in spirit. Be it art, stories, comics, music videos and even full-on animations, we’ve had some pretty creative and impressive projects from the fandom over the years.

Zoops 24/7 over on Twitter has been tackling one heck of an ambitious project: A full-frame by frame capture of the entire movie of Zootopia. That’s right, all 108 minutes of runtime from the opening logos to the final credits broken down into each individual frame and posted on Twitter!

This has been a project over four years in the making and it just finished today! Zoop 24/7 has said that every single frame of Zootopia is a work of art in itself and I’m certainly inclined to agree with them, even more so now that every single frame of the movie is up on Twitter for all to see. I highly recommend you give it a look for yourself. Who knows? You might even see something that you never noticed before.